Seta – Richard Nunns & Yggdrasil

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Producer catalog: HJF155
Tracks: 9


About Seta

Yggdrasil is a Faroese ensemble formed in 1981 by composer & pianist Kristian Blak, who has written most of the material for the group. From the very beginning musicians from other countries have been part of the line-up.

Richard Nunns is a Mãori traditional instrumentalist. He is particularly known for playing taonga pūoro and his collaboration with fellow Mãori instrumentalist Hirini Melbourne. Nunns holds an honorary life membership of the New Zealand Flute Association. In 2001, Nunns recieved a citation for services to music from the Composers Association of New Zealand. He was bestowed an honorary doctorate by Victoria University of Wellington in 2008 for his contributions to taonga pūoro.

Seta  – Faroese for meeting/gathering – a combination of music set in natural and studio settings, bringing together musical instruments and ideas from Nordis and Mãori traditions. Recorded in the Faroe Islands in the cave Klæmintsgjógv on the island of Hestur and in Jónas Blochs’ studio overlooking Hest Fjord. It is recorded in May 2008 and produced by Heðin Ziska Davidsen and Kristian Blak.



  1. INN (Nunns, K. Blak, Davidsen, M. Blak) 3.17
  2. GÁGGA (Nunns, K. Blak, Davidsen) 3.50
  3. STEINAR (Nunns, K. Blak, Davidsen, M. Blak) 2.53
  4. HELLI (Nunns, K. Blak, Davidsen, M. Blak) 1.52
  5. Á (Nunns, K. Blak, Davidsen) 3.51
  6. MURR (Nunns, K. Blak, Davidsen, M. Blak) 3.05
  7. TRÆ (Nunns, K. Blak, Davidsen) 1.58
  8. DREGIL (Nunns, K. Blak, Davidsen) 5.13
  9. BÁTUR (Nunns, K. Blak, Davidsen, M. Blak) 4.47

1. INN (Inwards), 2. GÁGGA (Conch), 3. STEINAR (Stones), 4. HELLI (Cave), 5. Á (Creek), 6. MURR (Buzz), 7. TRÆ (Wood), 8. DREGIL (Creature), 9. BÁTUR (Boat)

Sounds of falling stones, river and wind is recorded by Helgi Jacobsen

Sound engineer: Jónas Bloch

Cover artwork by Philippe Carré

Sleeve design by Niels Arge Galán

This recording was made possible by grants from Fjølrit, Mentanargrunnur Landsins, Landspeningur frá KODA and Gramexgrunnurin

Released on the following formats:
CD and digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out by using this link:


Composers and Authors

Richard Nunns

(arranger & composer)

Kristian Blak

(arranger & composer)


Kristian Blak

(piano, samplings, vocals, näverlur)

Richard Nunns

(mäori traditional musical instruments)

Heðin Ziska Davidsen

(guitar, electronics)

Mikael Blak

(bass on tracks 1, 3-4, 6, 9)


Jónas Bloch Danielsen

(sound engineer)

Philippe Carré

(cover artwork)

Niels Arge Galán

(sleeve design)

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