Lost and Found – Svabonio

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Svabonio is a musical project aimed at bringing to life the music of Jens Christian Svabo (1746-1824). Svabo (he is often referred to as just Svabo) has a special place in the Faroese history as he is one of our first scholars. He wrote down many thousand Faroese words and helped shape the language, which up until that point was not written down at all. As an accomplished violinist, he was also very much interested in music, and as Daniel Rye writes in the CD booklet of “Lost & Found” he was “…a man of insatiable curiosity and multiple intellectual and artistic talents.”

The music of Svabonio is based on the music Svabo wrote down in his notebook, which had been hidden in a chest in a loft of an old house from 1800 to 1928. Now more than two hundred years after being written, the music finally comes to life by the very talented group, Svabonio.

In the group are Angelika Nielsen (violin), Daniel Rye (clarinet, bass clarinet), Fiona Parker (French horn, natural horn) and Ólavur Jakobsen (guitar).

There is more to be read about Svabo in the booklet that comes with the CD.