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About Tutl


deilt 16. oktobur 2023

Tutl søkir hervið eftir starvsfólkið at byrja 1. nov ella eftir nærri avtalu. Vit bjóða eitt fjølbroytt og áhugavert starv í lívligum umhvørvi mitt í føroysku mentanini við tøttum samstarvi við einum sera góðum toymi.

Starvið er tímalønt eftir sáttmálanum hjá samverk og tímarnir eru skiftandi at byrja við millum 8-16tímar um vikuna við møguleika fyri at tað verður meira seinni.

Vit ynskja ein raskan, ábyrgdarfullan, praktiskan persón sum dugir væl at arbeiða sjálvstøðugt. Eisini er ein fyrimunir at tú hevur áhuga fyri tónleiki, handli og plátufelagsarbeiði.

Afturat handilsarbeiði er innihaldi í arbeiðinum í stóran mun tekt at forlagsarbeiði hjá plátufelagnum.

Vilt tú søkja starvið og/ella hoyra nærri ber til at kontakta Sólvá á [email protected] ella tlf 263886.
Umsóknarfreistin er 25. Oktober.

About Tutl

As the leading representative and distributor of Faroese music, TUTL is the number one record label and music hub on the Faroe Islands. Collectively owned by musicians and composers, TUTL is very much about safeguarding the rights and interests of its content creators, i.e. the artists.

Since it began in 1977, as a collaboration between Havnar Jazzfelag (Tórshavn Jazz Club) and the Faroese folk group Spælimenninir í Hoydølum, TUTL has grown steadily, and today the TUTL catalogue comprises over 500 releases of significant national as well as international acclaim. Composer, musician and organizer Kristian Blak has since the very beginning been the driving force behind Tutl.

The TUTL name derives from the same Faroese word, meaning whisper or murmur.

TUTL releases a wide range of musical genres, spanning everything from ethnic, folk, jazz, pop, rock and heavy metal to classical, choral, children’s music, country, gospel, and more.

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Approximately 100 artists have so far released their works on TUTL with about half of these active on the international music scene, in particular in Europe, North and South America. The majority of signed artists are Faroese, but TUTL also has artists of Icelandic, Danish, Estonian, Italian, German, Swiss and other nationalities in its varied and eclectic roster. Recent years have shown significant growth in artistic activity on the Faroe Islands.

TUTL aims to raise to the profile of Faroese music across the globe, prodiving a point of reference, support and advice on all aspects of the Faroese music industry, including our artists from abroad, as well as actively encouraging its professional and economic development through investment.

Music, in particular, has always played a major role in Faroese culture. Today, the Faroese music scene is buzzing with artists of all genres delivering world class performances and recordings. During summertime, live music events are on the schedule on a daily basis in the Faroes. Venues range from the modern Nordic House in the capital of Tórshavn to traditional churches on remote islands to the spectacular natural settings of the “Concerto Grotto” concerts in island caves, only accessible by boat.

Having gained a reputation as being among the best places in Europe for alternative music events, the local Faroese music scene has exploded in the last few years, and is today very vibrant with local artists well-known well beyond our neighbouring countries. TUTL, along with the major music festivals in the Faroe Islands, has a played a central role in fostering young artists, offering them a platform on which to develop and grow. Here, you can be sure to find musical experiences that reach far beyond your imagination.

As recommended by Rough Guides: https://www.roughguides.com/article/a-first-timers-guide-to-faroe-islands/


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