Masques – Kristian Blak & Yggdrasil

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About Masques

Compositions and arrangements by Kristian Blak and others to paintings by Anders Hjuler. The music is based on musical forms of Renaissance music, particularly the Masques, a form of festive courtly entertainment that flourished in 16th- and early 17th-century Europe.

1 Canto Carnascialesco – Ouverture
Based on an Italian carnival song (anon. c. 1500). The carnival songs of the early 16th century reflect the exuberant liveliness of the Italian Renaissance. They were sung by masked people standing in open carriages in street processions.

2 Der Juden Tanz – Melancolico

Based on a lute composition, Der Juden Tanz, by Hans Neusiedler (1508-1563), one of the most important early German lutenists. Neusiedlers composition is remarkable with its conflicting tonal realms (bitonality).

3 Hoftanz – Cholerico

Based on another lute composition, Hoftanz, by Hans Neusiedler

4 English Dompe – Flegmatico

Based on My Lady Carey’s Dompe, one of the earliest surviving English Renaissance musical pieces. It was written c. 1525 by an unknown composer, probably for lute and harpsichord.

5 Balletto – Sanguino

Based on L’Acceso, a balletto by Italian composer Giovanni Gastoldi (c. 1554 – 1609), best known for his balletti for five voices

Quatre Tempéraments Démasqués avec Ouverture

6 Où Venture Démasqué? (K. Blak/Kapnas)

7 Démasqué Melancolico (M. Blak)

8 Démasqué Cholerico (Veski)

9 Démasqué Flegmatico (Davidsen)

10 Démasqué Sanguino (K. Blak)

Recorded and mixed January-April 2018 at Studio Bloch, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, by Theodor Kapnas.

Artwork by Anders Hjuler.

Design by Uni Árting.

This recording was made possible by grants from Koda-Føroyar grunnurin, Gramexgrunnurin, and Mentanargrunnur Landsins.


  1. Canto carnascialesco
  2. Der juden Tanz
  3. Hoftanz
  4. English Dompe
  5. Balletto
  6. Où venture démasqué?
  7. Démasqué melancolico
  8. Démasqué cholerico
  9. Démasqué flegmatico
  10. Démasqué sanguino

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Composers and Authors

Kristian Blak

(arranger & composer on tracks 1-6, 10)

Theodor Kapnas

(arranger & composer on track 6)

Mikael Blak

(arranger & composer on track 7)

Villu Veski

(arranger & composer on track 8)

Heðin Ziska Davidsen

(arranger & composer on track 9)


Angelika Hansen

(violin on tracks 1-5)

Brandur Jacobsen

(drums on tracks 1-5)

Dávur Juul Magnussen

(trombone on tracks 1-5)

James Goodwin

(drums & percussion on tracks 1-5)

Jóhan Hentze

(trumpet on tracks 1-5)

Villu Veski

(saxophone on tracks 1-5)

Kristian Blak

(piano on tracks 1-6, 10)

Mikael Blak

(bass on tracks 1-5, 7)

Heðin Ziska Davidsen

(guitar on tracks 1-5, 9)


Anders Hjuler


Kristian Blak


Theodor Kapnas

(sound engineer & mix)

Uni Árting


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