Fuglar, Fiskar & Fólk

Producer catalog: HJF433
Production year: 2017
Tracks: FUGLAR: tracks 1-6, FISKAR: tracks 7-12, FÓLK: tracks 13-15, FUGLAR: tracks 16-19.

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About fuglar, fiskar & fólk

Fuglar, Fiskar & Fólk (Faroese for Birds, Fish & People) is Kristian Blak’s first solo album where we get to experience his wonderful, vivacious piano-playing in full, as this is the first time in his long career as a recording musician that he is not accompanied by other musicians on the record. This is also a record that encompasses his entire career, from the late 70s to present day, with re-recordings of compositions that fit snugly into the theme of birds, fish and people.

The album was produced by Kristian Blak, and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Benjamin Petersen. The cover and photo was done by veingir.