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Leysir endar – Annika Hoydal

kr. 80kr. 199

Producer catalog: SHD201
Tracks: 14

Release date: 4. May 2023


About Leysir endar

Annika grew up in the Faroe Islands and later in Ecuador. She had her debut as an actor in The Faroe Islands in 1965. She received an education in acting from the danish institution: Statens Teaterskole in 1973 – as the first Faroese woman ever. Along followed a career as a singer and actor in Scandinavia and Scotland. Mainly based in Copenhagen. During her career she has made around 15 records and participated in the Danish Eurovision in 1979 with the song “Aldan” (The wave) Lyrics written by her older brother Gunnar Hoydal and the music by Annika Hoydal.

In 2015 she received Mentanarvirðisløn Landsins – the highest honour within the culture in the Faroe Islands. She also received 3 nominations at the Faroese Music awards for the album “Endurljós” in 2016. Over the years Annika has attained a legendary status in her native Faroe Islands.

Now in 2023, at a the ripe age of 77, Annika Hoydal is embarking on a new record adventure with “Leysir endar” (Loose Ends). The album contains songs gathered through her life. Some are originals, others are Faroese traditionals and some are songs from other countries translated in to her native tongue by her brother Gunnar Hoydal. All the songs are recorded live with only acoustic instruments by some of the finest musicians in the Faroe Islands. The studio is located in the valley of Hoydalar, where Annika happened to grow up.

1     Lívið dýra undur
2    Áarsuðið
3    Alfonsina og havið
4    Út frá grýtutum strondum
5    Stjørnur mínir vinir
6    Verið góð við mánan
7    Grái kópur av Súluskeri
8    Lambið, bóndin og tjaldrið
9    Prik prak prok
10  Rura, rura, rura barnið
11  Sorrig og glæde
12  Kvinnuvísan
13  Åh, Herre Gud
14  Lánivísan

Released on the following formats
As CD, LP, poster and digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out with this link: https://bfan.link/leysir-endar

Additional information

Weight200 g

CD, LP, Merch


Composers and Authors

Annika Hoydal

(composer on 2, 5, 8, 9, 13 - author on 9, 14 - translator on 1)

Violeta Parra

(composer and author on 1, 9)

William Heinesen

(author on 2, 5, 13)

Karsten Hoydal

(translator on 2)

Marianna Hoydal

(translator on 1)

Dánial Hoydal

(translator on 1)

Alfonsina Storni

(author on 3)

Gunnar Hoydal

(translator on 3, 4, 6)

Felix Luna

(author on 4)

Ariel Ramirez

(composer on 4)

Christian Matras

(translator on 5)

Jóanes Nielsen

(author on 6)

Sunleif Rasmussen

(composer on 6)

Rói Reynagarð Patursson

(author on 8, 10)

Hans Andrias Djurhuus

(author on 10)

Birte Zander

(composer on 10)

Lars Trier

(composer on 10)

Thomas Kingo

(author on 11)

Peder Arreboe

(author on 12)


Benjamin Petersen

(guitar, backing vocals)

Torleik Mortensen

(double bass, backing vocals)

Daniel Rye


Anna Hüdepohl


Jákup Zachariassen

(dobro, guitar, mandolin)

Kim Hansen

(piano, backing vocals)

Jan Rúni Poulsen


Per Ingvaldur Højgaard Petersen

(percussion, silkdrum)

Sanna Bæk Hoydal

(backing vocals)

Maria Ljósá

(backing vocals)


(backing vocals)


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