Rætt mær hond tína – Lív Reinhert Nielsen


Four years ago, in the summer of 2016, I heard this beautiful song. The melody was an old, Irish folk tune, but the song was Norwegian with the title “Gje med handa di”, written by Sondre Bratland in 1988. I was moved by the song and decided to translate the text to Faroese.

A year later I sent an email to Sondre Bratland, showing him my Faroese translation and asked for his permission to make a recording of the song. His reply came the next day: “Hei – dette ser veldig vakkert ut, så eg seier ja.” (Hi – this looks very beautiful, so I say yes.)

Right. Good things take time, and I spent almost a year pulling myself together before asking Hans Marius Ziska for help. He agreed and shortly after, Magnus Johannessen and Allan Tausen were also included in the project. Since then we have been working with making the sound as good as possible, choosing the right structure and instruments together with some very talented musicians.

The Faroese title of the song is “Rætt mær hond tína”. We’ve finally finished recording, and I am proud to release it, hoping that it will be of joy to others.

Title: Rætt mær hond tína
Original title: ”Gje meg handa di” – Sondre Bratland, 1988
Music: trad. Irish folk tune (adapted by Herbert Hughes in 1909 to the poem ”Down by the Salley Gardens”)
Faroese lyrics: Lív Reinert Nielsen, 2016.

Vocals: Lív Reinert Nielsen
Backing vocals: Jensina Olsen
Guitar: Hans Marius Ziska and Allan Tausen
Piano and accordion: Magnus Johannesen
Contrabass: Torleik Mortensen
Violin: Jona Jacobsen
Dobro: Jákup Zachariassen
Flute: Finnur Hansen

Recording: Hans Marius Ziska
Mix and master: Finnur Hansen

1    Rætt mær hond tína

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.

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