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This is Ólavur Højgaard’s first album in ten years, and it is is called “Syng Meg Heim Til Slignan Bø Og Turkiløg”. Ólavur Højgaard is a very popular country and folk singer on the Faroe Islands, and is perhaps especially known as the singer in the band Vestmenn. It is with musicians from this band that he has made his new release, along with invited guests.

“Syng Meg Heim Til Slignan Bø Og Turkiløg” is a pretty diverse record of traditional-sounding, Faroese folk and country music. Ólavur Højgaard has written the majority of the songs himself, as well as some of the lyrics. On the record you will also find songs made by another well known Faroese folk musician, Martin Joensen, and Niels Midjord has translated some of Ólavur’s English lyrics into Faroese as well as having interpreted the song “Úr Skýmingini” that Rúni W. Højgaard wrote in English. There is a bonus track on the record, which has been played a lot on YouTube, called “Jólaheilsan Til Hina Fjøldina” that Holgar Jacobsen has written.

Participating musicians on the record are Niels Olsen, Bogi Olsen, Martin Joensen, Jógvan í Toftum Olsen, Milson Zachariasen, Holgar Jacobsen, Kára Olsen and Høgni Klakkstein. Erik Biskopstø has mixed and mastered the record.

Release date:
The CD: November 20, 2017, and the digital album on December 4, 2017.

1. Syng Meg Heim
2. Avstað
3. Hvíta Ripan
4. Barasta Hoyra Teg
5. Kom Nú Sól
6. Úr Skýmingini
7. Gangi Í Regni
8. Brátt Aftur Sólin Sær
9. Rósurnar Vaksa
10. Góða Nátt

Bonus track:
11. Jólasangur Til Hina Helvtina

Released on these formats:
CD album, and digital album as stream and download.


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