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Óveður – Holgar

Producer catalog: HJF568k
Tracks: 1


Summar – Trúgvason

Producer catalog: HJF668a
Production year: 2024
Tracks: 1


Ivaveður – Vágaverk



Storm til stilli – Holgar

Producer catalog: HJF568j
Tracks: 1


Blankan sand – Holgar

Producer catalog: HJF568i
Production year: 2022
Tracks: 1


Cajun Baby – Vágaverk

Producer catalog: SHD196a
Production year: 2022
Tracks: 1


Har á tokutámssteini – Holgar

Released on the following formats: Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).


Saturday – the Crowberry Band

The Crowberry Band debuted with “Good Luck”, “Gone Like Yesterday” and “Pub on the Corner” in 2018. “Saturday is the first single of their new album which will be released in 2021. Janus á Húsagarði is the man in the front and the one who writes and composes the music. Uni Debess has arranged, mixed […]


Syng Meg Heim – Ólavur Højgaard

This is Ólavur Højgaard’s first album in ten years, and it is is called “Syng Meg Heim Til Slignan Bø Og Turkiløg”. Ólavur Højgaard is a very popular country and folk singer on the Faroe Islands, and is perhaps especially known as the singer in the band Vestmenn. It is with musicians from this band […]


Á ferð – Rannvá Vesturklett

1    Tað eg hevði
2    Á ferð
3    Eygnaskattur mín
4    Lat okkum fara
5    Barndómsvinur
6    Sig bara frá
7    Crying My Heart Out Over You
8    Eg missi mítt vit og skil
9    Ljósið frá túsundtals dreymum
10  Tími ikki meir

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out by using this link: https://bfan.link/a-ferd

My Favourites – Alex Bærendsen

Tracklist: 1. The good memories 2. By the way 3. Proud Mary 4. From a Jack to a King 5. My home town 6. A picture of you 7. Walk on by 8. Daydreams 9. Welcome to my world 10. Moments in time 11. Tears wrapped in roses 12. Assaulted with a beautiful bodys

Ein Góð Tíð – Erhard

Erhard comes from Strendur in the Faroe Islands, and played in a group named Tónlist from 1963 to 1968. In the 1970s Erhard also played for a while in Tey á Kamarinum. The Melodies were published in 1993, and were mixed in Media Sound studio in Copenhagen. Tracklist: 01: Nú er Tað Liðugt 02: Óðnin […]