NEL VIVO – serenate, lamenti e altri canti dell’anima

Camilla Dell’Agnola e Valentina Turrini

kr. 103

The 10 tracks of the cd are traditional folk polyphonic songs from Italy, Spain, Georgia, Russia, Ucraina, Siberia and Corsica. There is also a track with a short narration, inspired from a sufi tale, of Sista Bramini, storyteller, actress and director of the theatre company O Thiasos TeatroNatura, mixed with a traditional song from Sicilia. The songs of ”NEL VIVO”, sung mainly a cappella and in some cases enriched with the sound of viola, percussion and harmonium, dialogue with the sound of the creek, the waterfall, the bells of the cows grazing, grasshoppers, birds, the fire, the echoes of valleys, the resonance of the woods and of small mountain churches, of the wind between the ancient walls of a small village. David Monacchi, sound artist, researcher and eco-acoustic composer, professor of Electroacoustics at the Conservatory “G. Rossini” of Pesaro, with the collaborationAnthony Di Furia recorded and edit the tracks with particular microphones, using a tecnique very near to

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Photo on the CD cover by Alice Benessia.

1 – Fiumi currenti (trad. salento)
2 – Llorar cantando (trad. Galizia)
3 – Yrym chüve (trad. Tuva)
4 – O Rusinot (trad. Emilia-Romagna)
5 – Sol che una volta (trad. Emilia-Romagna)
6 – Voj murié-Vire molian (trad. Mordovia)
7 – Nanas get’qvi (trad. Georgia)
8 – Ero io, with Sista Bramini (trad. Sicilia)
9 – Dusha katrusi (trad. Ucraino)
10 – Di te si n’averá (trad. Corsica)

About O Thiasos:
The project O Thiasos TeatroNatura directed by Sista Bramini was started in 1992 in order to investigate, through the tools of theater, the relationship between dramatic art, ecological awareness and natural environment. This encounter leads to a rethinking of the actor’s art related to its presence on the stage and the conception of dramaturgy, directing, scenography and musical composition. In this theatrical research, the use of the voice, through storytelling and singing has a central role. Camilla Dell’Agnola, trainer, musician, actress and singer and Valentina Turrini, actress and singer conduct a specific research on the relation between traditional songs and natural acoustics.

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