Heygar og Dreygar & The Four Towers (De fire tårne)


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About Heygar og Dreygar & The Four Towers 

Heygar og Dreygar LP – sold out.
Four Towers LP – available.
CD with both works – available.

Originally two vinyl releases by Yggdrasil. The CD contains both works.

The Four Towers:

The Four Towers was composed in 1985 for the Icelandic National Ballet, Reykjavík and staged in 1989 by this company in the Faroe Islands with live music by Yggdrasil.

The composition was inspired by the poem “Barnetegning” (“Child’s Drawing”) by William Heinesen.

Child’s Drawing:

The tower in the West
stands in the midst of the great sea.
Waves roar.
Birds screech.
Ships sail by and shout:
Ohoy oho.
The tower in the West is called

The Tower in the East
Stands in the midst of a black forest.
Wolves howl: ulayula ulaloya.
The tower in the East has a beard and hair.
It bares its teeth like a dog.
It is called “Voyavoya”

The Tower in the South
Sticks up in the clouds.
It is full of faces
And eyes and mouths
And hear how it sings: amen-amen!
The tower in the South is called

The Tower in the North is called Rok.
It stands on the mountain Rokkebok.
It has a peep-hole and a hoisting-block.
And that’s enough.

Heygar og Dreygar: