String Quartets – Kristian Blak, NeoQuartet

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Kristian’s diverse musical background is reflected in the wide array of music he composes, uniting ethnic music with new compositional techniques. In Blak’s work as classical composer his six string quartets have a central role. These quartets: Rørsla (1985), Images (1987), Undirlýsi (1992), Contours (2001), Lady Frère (2007) and Water and Ships (2014) show Blak’s inspiration from nature, ethnic music, visual art, ballet, poetry, improvised music and for instance his use of ideas like deriving melodic material from contours of Faroese mountains seen from sea. NeoQuartet, with whom Faroese Composers now has had an important collabotation last two years is based in Gdansk in Póland. This recording is recorded and released in connection with Kristian Blak’s 75th birthday March 31st 2022.

Having made numerous recordings as a performer, Kristian has also toured the globe widely with his own jazz and folk music ensembles. In addition to this, Kristian works as manager and CEO of the Tutl Records label and is artistic director of the Summartónar festival. Kristian Blak is widely regarded as one of the most prominent and important figures of Faroese music history, playing a central role in the musical life and culture of the islands.


1    String Quartet No. 1 Rørsla: I. Rørsla
2    String Quartet No. 1 Rørsla: II. Dansur
3    String Quartet No. 2 Images: I. Reyð genta
4    String Quartet No. 2 Images: II. Vetrarmorgun
5    String Quartet No. 2 Images: III. Várkvøld á Høgareyni
6    String Quartet No. 2 Images: IV. Genta við vindeygað
7    String Quartet No. 3 Undirlýsi
8    String Quartet No. 4 Contours: I. Viðoy
9    String Quartet No. 4 Contours: II. Eysturoy
10  String Quartet No. 4 Contours: III. Mýlingur
11  String Quartet No. 4 Contours: IV. Vágar – Mykines
12  String Quartet No. 5 Lady Frere
13  String Quartet No. 6 Water and Ships

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Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).


Kristian Blak – Piano
Karolina Piątkowska-Nowicka – 1st Violin
Paweł Kapica – 2nd Violin
Michal Markiewicz – Viola
Krzysztof Pawłowski – Cello

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