Kapnas spælir Blak


kr. 159

About kapnas spælir blak

Mattias Kapnas is a classically trained pianist with a lot of energy and soul. One of Mattias Kapnas’s idols is TUTL’s very own founder, Kristian Blak, and this debut solo record, Kapnas spælir Blak, is done in close cooperation with him.

The Faroese word ‘spælir’ means ‘plays’, so a translation of the album title would read “Kapnas plays Blak”.

Kristian Blak’s son Sámal Blak has painted four paintings for the album cover; one for each track on the record.



1 – Vatn og grót

2 – Vatn og vindur

3 – Vatn og dregil

4 – Steinskógurin


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Released on the following formats:

Vinyl (1 LP). See purchase button below.

Digitally as stream and download. See the player below, where you can listen to snippets of the tracks.