Sail – Lea Kampmann

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Following Lea Kampmann’s debut EP, Common Blue, now comes her next
output in the form of a single called ‘Sail’. In the misty atmosphere of this
song, a longing for something that is way out of reach is clear. A lost love
and feelings not met are central themes of the song, with an underlying
hope that this object out of control will someday come back. A song resting
on organic instrumentation with some electronic spices on top. Dark,
long-full, chill. Sail.

‘Sail’ was chosen by Apple Music to be ‘Best of the Week’ on its release day.

Lea Kampmann is a Faroese artist creating melancholic melodies and sincere
lyrics on top of dreamy soundscapes. The Nordic songwriter tradition is easy to
recognize in Kampmann’s melodies, as she is always seeking the roots of honest and heartfelt expression.

In 2017 Kampmann released her first EP, Common Blue. Warmly welcomed, she was nominated in four categories in the Faroese Music Awards 2018, winning the Artist of the year award.

1. Sail

Released on the following formats:
Digitally as stream and download on all major digital platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music etc.). See the player below (once it has been released), where you can listen to the track.

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