Telji upp í hundrað – Lea Kampmann



Telji upp í hundrað

Telji upp í hundrað is a Faroese song written by Lea Kampmann and Teitur. The song is a pop/folksong, orchestrated withwhispery vocals, soft fingerpicking guitars and a string quartet. The song is about trying to distract yourself from feeling sorrow, after loosing someone you love. But no matter how hard you try to flee reality, nothing can drown the feeling

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Composers and Authors

Lea Kampmann

(author & composer)

Teitur Lassen

(author & composer)


Lea Kampmann

(vocals & guitars)

Lone Meinich

(five-string bratsch)

Teitur Lassen

(piano & synthesizers & lap steel guitar)


Jens L. Thomsen

(sound engineer)

Josh Bonati


Teitur Lassen

(production & arrangement)

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