Common Blue – Lea Kampmann

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Common Blue is the first EP coming from young Faroese artist, Lea Kampmann. With each song, the listener experiences the world through the senses of the young, Faroese woman. With a soft voice, abstract, yet honest, lyrics and an atmospheric soundscape built around the melodies, Common Blue unfolds elegantly in your ears.

Within the colour blue lies a wish to learn to trust an inner voice, dreams waiting to come true, a clumsy meeting with love and a doubt in which way life should be turned around or not. Inspired by the mountains and silent, grey days in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, the inner life of the young artist comes to life and manifests in five heartfelt songs which each are connected, but still carry their own individual character and atmosphere.

1 – This Love Of Mine
2 – Flood
3 – Common Blue
4 – Moonsick
5 – Water

Released on the following formats:
CD. See purchase button below.

Digitally as stream and download. See the player below, where you can listen to snippets of the tracks.

Watch the video for Water:

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