Nú ert tú moldin – Lea Kampmann



Nú ert tú moldin

Lea Kampmann on ‘Nú ert tú moldin’:

“This song is about the time I lost my grandmother, whom I was very close to. It felt surreal that she was no longer physically in the world. After her passing, I started feeling her presence in my surrounding. She made herself known as a bird by my window, in the way others walked, when her favourite song played on the radio, in a cop of typhoo tea with milk. I knew she was always with me in my heart, where I keep all my memories of her and everything she taught me.”


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Composers and Authors

Lea Kampmann

(author & composer)

Teitur Lassen

(author & composer)


Lea Kampmann

(vocals & guitars)

Lone Meinich

(five-string bratsch)

Teitur Lassen

(piano & synthesizers & lap steel guitar)


Jens L. Thomsen

(sound engineer)

Josh Bonati


Teitur Lassen

(production & arrangement)

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