Pappírstunn – Lea Kampmann




‘Pappírstunn’ (paper thin) is about feeling naked and vulnerable with the one you love. It’s about emotionally swinging between being scared of letting go of yourself over fear of being hurt, and at the same time finding it necessary to dare to dive into the unknown, as hope lies in being caught when we fall.

The 26 year old Lea Kampmann is not only a singer. She’s also a story-teller. After having studie at the musical conservatory in Copenhagen, Kampmann has truly found her voice. Her songs speak hearts across language barriers.

‘Pappírstunn’ is a part of the upcoming album, ‘Seinferð’ (slow motion). The album is not just a collection of songs, but a work of art, formed by calmness and reflection.

The album, set to release in spring 2024, is a deeply personal project, which Kampmann has created with renowned musician and songwriter, Teitur, who also produced the album. Together, they’ve created a musical universe that invites the listener into a world of tranquil observance, and emotional immersion.

The work on the album took place in the snow covered Hoydalar at the Faroe Islands, where Kampmann and Teitur found inspiration in the serene surrounding nature. This atmosphere shines through in the album’s sound, which is a combination of Kampmann’s characteristic emotional vocals, and Teitur’s ability to create unique music that touches the soul. They have created an album that is about finding quietness in a hectic world, and taking your time to reflect over life and love.


Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.):


Composers and Authors

Lea Kampmann

(author & composer)

Teitur Lassen

(author & composer)


Lea Kampmann

(vocals & guitars)

Lone Meinich

(five-string bratsch)

Teitur Lassen

(piano & synthesizers & lap steel guitar)


Teitur Lassen

(production & arrangement)

Josh Bonati


Jens L. Thomsen

(sound engineer)

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