A Lonely Chair With A View – Sissal

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Debut album by Sissal. In their own words, they have this to say about their album:

”The idea for our debut album is to make music that recreates authentic experiences and thoughts. To let the emotions that were present at one time come to life once again. We also aim to make it an aesthetic experience for the listener combining music with storytelling. We wanted to make use of our shared musicality and creativity – and not let a specific genre decide our interpretation of a given subject. There are instead elements from many genres to be heard on this album. Amongst others: prog-rock, soul, jazz and indie music.”

1. Next time
2. Connecting lines
3. Silhouette
4. Change
5. A lonely chair with a view
6. My dear
7. Secrets
8. Drifting
9. Í einum glasi
10. Next time reprise

Released on these formats:
CD, and digitally as stream and download. See the player below, where you can listen to a snippet of the tracks. You can also press the link buttons at the bottom of the player to go to the individual streaming- and download sites such as Spotify and iTunes.


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