Leave The Past Behind – Tónleikabreytin í NámX

Producer catalog: HJF689
Production year: 2024
Tracks: 1


Leave The Past Behind

Tónleikabreytin í NámX is a group of young and aspired musicians. What they have in common, is that they all are in the same music class in NámX for one year. Therefor the young people in the roup, change for every year. Throughout the year, they have played a lot of covers and also some of their own music.

“Leave the past behind” was made for a project. The song was made by four girls, but when they got the chance to publish the song, the whole class got togetger and arranged the song to what it is today, with a great deal of help from music wizard Hans Poulsen, the producer.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).
You can check it out by using this link: https://bfan.link/leave-the-past-behind

Leave the past behind

Words & music: Rósa í Stórustovu, Heiðrun í Dali, Kristianna Áarberg Joensen & Kristina av Teiginum Jacobsen

Woken up by the sunlight
Rising like clockwork
(Cause everything just stays the same)
Same old lines of work
Burning me down like a candle
(You still have some fire left in you)

I´m just trying to hold on 2x

Now something’s changed in my mind
Trying to hold me from what’s really mine
(your love and your home and your life)
Take me back to the time
When love was around every corner
(You knew the meaning of life)

But still I wake up early
The same sun in the sky
And leave the past behind

Money is all I have
My posture is bad and I´m so sad
And I’ve been drinking long nights
(Weeks worth of money falls by)
Water fills me up
(They can’t see your gone)
Praying they know somethings wrong
(you’re a lost cause)

I´m just trying to hold on (2x)
Why’s he trying, why’s he trying so hard)

(It’s okey son keep trying
Like your gonna make it out alive)
Something keeps pulling me back
(Someday it’ll be better)
But I’m falling down to deeply in the dark
(Can see the light up there)
Just see it disappear
(Why don’t you try again)
I’m not worth trying for
(Slowly falling down)
Nothing to lose now

(My surface breaking down)

Something is pulling me
Something is wrong
Something is pulling me
Something is wrong with my head

(The tide will bring you back to life again

I´m just trying to hold on 4x
And leave the past behind


Composers and Authors

Rósa í Stórustovu

(author, composer)

Heiðrun í Dali

(author, composer)

Kristianna Áarberg Joensen

(author, composer)


Heiðrun í Dali

(vocals & accordion)

Rósa í Stórustovu

(vocals & acoustic guitar)

Jóhanna Ellingsgaard

(backing vocals)

Annabell Tausen


Prithvi Das

(electric guitar)

Hans Haldór Poulsen

(keys & electric guitar)


Hans Haldór Poulsen

(production & mix & master)

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