Straight Up Icy – Marius DC & Jonas


Even though the duo of Marius DC and JONAS have worked together for little more than a year, this has been quite a year for them. Now we are proud to present their first single as a duo, featuring vocals from both Marius and Jonas. The result is Straight Up Icy, a very melodic hip hop song with a catchy chorus. At just 15 years of age, Marius DC released his debut single Drip Drop last summer, and the MZA EP followed a string of singles, that got him nominated for 4 Faroese Music Awards: Act of the year, Singer of the year, Album of the year, and the prize he eventually won New act of the year.

DJ Jonas Langgaard has a string of Soundcloud releases, and has been live DJ for Marius DC, as well a producer and songwriter on many songs on the live set. Jonas also wrote and produced the song Woah on the MZA EP.

Now 16 and 18 years of age, the rapper and the DJ have managed to achieve a
surprising amount, with energetic performances and songs like Drip Drop, 10 AM
Freestyle, 25/8 and Woah getting a lot of airplay on Faroese radio. With an eclectic blend of lyricism and beats that diverge from the formulas of modern
rap, they create an abnormal yet distinctly modern version of trap music.

This summer was looking very exciting indeed before the current health crisis, with bookings on most of the Faroese Festivals as well as quite some interest from abroad. Marius and Jonas have used the break from live performances to write even more songs, and this Straight Up Icy is the first single of their upcoming mixtape, which will be released this summer, the Mixtape is cowritten by Marius and Jonas, and produced and mixed by Jonas.

Music: Jonas Langgaard
Lyrics: Marius DC
Vocals, beats and production: Jonas Langgaard
Vocals: Marius Dam Christophersen

1   Straight Up Icy

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