Respekt – Marius DC

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Drill hits the Faroe Islands

The second single from Faroese Marius DC’s “Westender” EP is out, and to call it a departure from the rapper’s previous material is an understatement.

“Respekt” is the first track Marius has ever written in his native tongue. It’s a departure from Marius’ previous material, which was entirely in English, but his brash attitude and relentless flow come through all the same.

To eagle-eyed fans, the song should be somewhat familiar, it was one of two songs Marius performed on the digital version of England’s “Great Escape Festival”.

An endeavour in pioneering, the track sets itself apart as the first ever Drill song from the Faroe Islands. The genre is currently making waves just about everywhere, from Tion Wayne and Russ’ smash hit “Body” in the UK, to Pop Smoke’s “Dior” reigning the charts overseas, so it was just a matter of time before it made its way to the small archipelago.

The skittering, bouncy hi-hats and sliding 808s should be recognizable for anyone who has heard a Drill tune, but the use of Faroese lends the song a unique twist that you genuinely won’t find anywhere else. You don’t have to understand what he’s saying to find the non-stop flows and ambient adlibs irresistible.

Marius DC has been an artist to watch for a while, but with “Respekt” he proves that he’s not just talented, in the international music scene, he’s one of a kind.

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