The MZA EP – Marius DC

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Young Faroese hip hop artist Marius DC makes quite an entrance with this release, The MZA EP. After the three released singles from the young and fresh hip hop act Marius DC since the summer of 2019 — the first being ‘Drip Drop’, the second ’25/8′, and ’10 AM Freestyle’ was the third and last single done in collaboration with JASMIN — now comes ‘The MZA EP’, out both digitally and on vinyl.

The rapper Marius DC is the main songwriter. He’s been working with Per Ingvaldur Højgaard Petersen (Konni Kass, Marius Ziska, etc.) on the tracks of the EP, and Theodor Kapnas (Hamferð) of Studio Bloch mixed the tracks, and George Nerantzis did the mastering.



1. God Level

2. 25/8

3. 10 AM Freestyle (feat. JASMIN)

4. Drip Drop

5. Woah

6. I.C.R.F.W.Y


Released on the following formats:

Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.

On vinyl. Find pre-order purchase button below. The vinyl is in production and should be done and ready to send sometime in November, 2019.

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