Teenage Drama – Marius DC

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‘Teenage Drama’ is Marius DC’s third release of 2021, and much like the other two, it’s a
stylistic leap for the young rapper. Trading the braggadocios bars of ‘Gasoline’ and
‘Respekt’ for melodic melancholy, Marius sounds more angsty and emotionally honest
than ever.
The song is a quintessential emo-rap track, right down to the edgy lyrics. Visibly inspired
by artists like Juice WRLD or even Post Malone in his more moody moments, the track
wears its influences on its sleeve, although its anything but inauthentic. According to DC
himself, the song is about “one of the darkest moments in my life, a genuine period of
depression I went through in the middle of 2021” and it shows.
The lyrics tell a tale of love gone wrong, weaving youthful antics with dark themes like
drug use and even suicide, painting a painful picture of broken hearts and internal
conflict. As opposed to the party anthems of The MZA EP, ‘Drama’ is a somber and
emotional look at a failed relationship. Its almost self aware in its theatrics, with even the
title addressing itself as little more than teenage drama. teenage experience is so deeply
imbedded in the track that it even gets a bit Olivia Rodrigo-esque at times.
The record is entirely self-produced, featuring Marius crooning over a pop-punk
influenced trap beat with guitars courtesy of Faroese legend Benjamin Petersen, better
known as Son Of Fortune. Marius’ blend of booming 808s and lead guitar is not exactly
reinventing the wheel at this point, however that all changes in the outro of the song. As
Marius sings the title of the song repeatedly, a feedback swell slowly creeps into the mix,
before launching into a screeching guitar solo in double time, sounding more like
something you’d hear on an MGK record than anything else.
The song itself represents the ‘Drip Drop’ rapper taking an artistic chance, but with
“Teenage Drama”, it’s pretty clear that it has paid off.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.

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