The Faroe Boys – The Faroe Boys

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About The Faroe Boys

“I am proud to present these recordings of The Faroe Boys, a group of pop-pioneers in the Faroes, also known in Iceland as best selling entertainers. The album was recorded in april 1967, just before they retired from the scene in Sjónleikarhúsið in Tórshavn, where they had sung and played for years. We are many who will remember them and their tough, yet intimate sound and also because of their trend to give the music an extra finish. they made a performance of every bit of music they played.”

– Simme


Side 1:
1. Sweet little sixteen
2. Barbara Allen
3. That’s how
4. Tú og eg á ástartingið
5. Tell Laura I love her
6. Keep on running

Side 2:

7. Vit fáa tevatn og breyð
8. Baby it’s you
9. Lightning express
10. Bring it on home to me
11. Hví

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