Get Into The Light – MonkeyRat ft. Debbie Cameron, Deborah Herbert, Joanita Zachariassen


Get into The Light – MonkeyRat ft. Debbie, Deborah & Joanita – release 8.11.18

“Get into The Light” is MonkeyRat’s latest digital single and enlightening message to the world. It is their 1st hip hop/gospel collaboration, a star studded trinity of female African American & African inspiring and hair-raising gospel voices that will uplift your soul. The featured singers on the track are – Debbie Cameron, daughter of the late great Etta Cameron, Deborah Herbert, and Joanita Lubega Zachariassen. The international musicians and singers are a stellar cast of artists transcending racial boundaries through the power of music.

MonkeyRat with Anna Iachino’s great lyrics, voice, animated storytelling and humor, sings, raps and perform’s spoken-word, over Arnold Ludvig’s superb virtuostic bass playing, slap bass technique and well crafted music. Together, they deliver an original and powerful expression, rooted mainly in Funk, with a little Reggae, Retro, Urban, Soul, hints of Jazz, Punk and the new addition of Gospel to the mix.

“Get Into the Light” was mastered by Randy Merrill, a master at mastering Grammy-winning albums and singles by artists such as Mark Ronson’s,
smash single, “Uptown Funk”.

“Get into The Light”

vocals & lyrics: Anna Iachino (Ca/It)
bass, composition, programming & hand claps: Arnold Ludvig (Fo)
recorded & mixed by Louise Nipper @ Soundscape Studio (Dk)
mastered by Grammy award winning sound engineer, Randy Merrill @ Sterling Sound (US)
guitar: Alain Apaloo (Tg)
drums and triangle: Jens Stoklund (Dk)
percussions and handclaps: Ayi Solomon (Gh)
gospel vocals: Debbie Cameron (US)
gospel vocals: Deborah Herbert (US)
gospel vocals: Joanita Lubega Zachariassen (Ug)
arrangement for gospel vocals: Arnold Ludvig & Debbie Cameron
producers: Anna Iachino & Arnold Ludvig

Please Pass The Indie:

Get Into The Light

Words: Anna Iachino
Music: Arnold Ludvig

Won’t u get, get into the light
Get out of Darkness

Music business wants control
Make u wanna sell your soul
It’s no longer rock n’ roll
All they want is mind control
Going down the rabbit hole
Darkness at the Super Bowl
Fooling millions is their goal
Drooling minions as a whole

Won’t u get, get into the light
Get out of Darkness

Pop stars with their baphomet
Popping on the internet
Plopping on your TV set
Massive mind control reset

Won’t u get, get into the light
Get out of Darkness

U got to fight the fight – get into the light
Feel your might – get into the light
Hang on tight – get into the light
Black & White – get into the light
Reunite – get into the light
Shine your light – get into the light
It’s your right – get into the light
It’s your life – get into the light

Get, get, get – into the light

Light… get into the light

Won’t u get, get into the light
Get out of Darkness

Time to get into the Light
Fuck the Darkness with delight
War of Souls is worth the fight
War of Souls is worth the fight (with effect)

Won’t u get, get into the light
Get out of Darkness

Get into the Light, it’s worth the fight

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