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The Child – MonkeyRat feat. Anna Sofía Skoradal

Release date: 1. January 2022


Anna Iachino wrote The Child as a young teenager when her dream of becoming a dancer was destroyed because of religion and culture. It’s the only poem that she managed to keep hidden for all these years, until composer Arnold Ludvig found it and composed music for it on Ableton Live. When asked what words were to be read on Anna’s behalf for her mother’s funeral, her poem, The Child came to mind as her mother’s mind became like that of a child with her dementia, free at last to express herself, laughing, singing, and clapping her hands for all to hear and cheer. The Child is MonkeyRat’s first electronic song composed solely on Ableton Live by Arnold Ludvig and sung by up-and-coming rising star Anna Sofía Skoradal. A live performance of the song will delight the audiences at Copenhagen Winter Jazz Festival on February 26th, 2022 with MonkeyRat’s award winning musicians.  The genre is bedroom pop/dream pop/neo-soul, MonkeyRat’s first of its kind, recorded and mixed by Arnold Ludvig.

Additional mix by Kurt Uenala and mastered by Kurt Uenala, Grammy award nominated producer of Depeche Mode.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).


Lyrics:  Anna Iachino

Music:  Arnold Ludvig

Vocals: Anna Sofía Skoradal

Producers:  Anna Iachino & Arnold Ludvig

Mix:  Arnold Ludvig & Kurt Uenala

Master:  Kurt Uenala

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