Mellow Cat – Ester Skála

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Mellow Cat

This single is about a girl who runs away from humanity. She packs her belongings in her backpack and ventures into the unknown. She finds herself in a meadow at night, filled with melancholy and despair. She does not know where she is going and feels as if she is incompetent in every aspect. She looks up to the dark blue sky and reaches her hand towards the galaxies. At this particular moment a small flicker of hope ignites inside her. She now knows she is good at one thing: which is to read. She is capable of seeing through the universe and read through the stars. In her journey, a mellow cat joins her company for adventure. It is cute and soft, but can at the same time be stubborn and smug as a cat usually is. The girl liked the simplistic honesty and together they were a perfect companionship. The girl admired the cat in many ways: it was calm and elegant and fancies himself. In their journey she learns that the cat is as timeless as the galaxy. And without her knowing they are soaring through the endless space to the vast unknown.

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Mellow Cat

Words & music: Ester Skála

On my own, I gave it a go
I reached my hand to the galaxies
and found out I could read through all the stars

Packed my stuff with my own supplies
and I’ll make sure no one knows
that I think that I need a journey to go

You might get a bit surprised, but
I am not a human lover
cause I am a fan of the mellow cat

For Mellow Cat, I am dying for your beauty
Mellow Cat, come back and hunt me

For I’m now chilling with my mellow cat
and I can see it in your eyes, you are a bit jealous
For I have now become much better than you

You think you are so popular
You think everyone will bow their knees for you
but I am still standing tall

Oh Mellow Cat, I am dying for your beauty
Mellow Cat, Come back and hunt me
Mellow Cat, Why in such a hurry
Mellow Cat, I said come back and hunt mii-iiiauw
You belong to mii-iiiauw

For I’ll be where the mellow cat rises
as we both reach out to the sun
Where darkness never finds it’s horizon
cause we truly know who we are
Satellites will be on fire
yeah, it comes much clearly to me now
for Love in space will be inspired
cause we truly know who you are

Mellow Cat, I am dying for your beauty
Mellow Cat, come back and hunt me
Mellow Cat, why in such a hurry
Mellow Cat…
… Mellow Cat…
Oh Ooh
Oh Ooh


Composers and Authors

Ester Skála

(author, composer)



Kristoffer Mørkøre

(producing, mixing, mastering)

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