Unicorn – Ester Skála


This is Ester Skálas newest release and the name of the song is Unicorn.
Not only is this the newest release, but also her first!.
The song was recorded at Krisstuff-studio in the year 2019. Kristoffer Mørkøre mixed and produced the song. The official music video was made in 2021 and was co-produced by Raclip, a local Faroese film institute.

Unicorn takes us into a world full of colour and magic.
The beginning of this song starts out about a girl, who feels left out. She can’t seem to find her home in this grey world; as she feels as if she is drowning down into a pit of dark ink.
The song starts out about loneliness, depression and hopelessness, though the song has a happy tune.
Later on the song takes a big turn and speaks in a new language.
It gives the message that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
It speaks about hope, courage, dignity and strength.
It is about looking forward and focusing on positivity, even though the world seems dark and as if no one understands you.

But the important message is that you do not need anyone to understand you.
As long as you do what you love to do, you will be alright.
You don’t need to fit in. You don’t need to listen to other people’s opinions to belong in this grey world.
If you want to shine as bright as you can in a world of pink, do so.
You be you, and you do you
…Unless you can be a unicorn.

Make sure to check out the colorful music video:

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