Spotlight – Ester Skála


This is Ester Skála’s second release and the name of this song is Spotlight. She wrote the lyrics, melody and made the synths. The song was recorded at Krisstuff-studio in 2022. Ester and Kristoffer Mørkøre produced this song. Kristoffer mixed and Holger Lagerfeldt mastered. The album photos of this song have been taken by the photographer named Súsanna Smith Johansen.

Ester had this love song in her mind and she made it for her sister and her husband. She performed the song at their wedding where people heard it for the first time.  The song was well received by the audience and they found the song romantic, lovable and enjoyable.

The song is about a girl meeting the love of her life, where he is also showing her interest. They spend time together and fall deeply in love. Later on, they are getting married and they live the life they dreamed about. They love each other deeply and they don’t care what others think.  They step out of the Spotlight because they don’t need to prove their love for no one else to see.
The deeper the relationship and life goes on, they realize how true their love for each other is. They realize how much love and relationships have to offer.
They are very grounded and hold onto the love for each other that is strong, great and steadfast.

The message of this song is to show your love without what others think. A place where you can’t brag or prove yourself to others. The most truthful love you can give someone is when the door is closed and no one else sees. It is about the quality and about this one person who means everything to you. You love each other for who you are and have a bond that no one else can separate.

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