Sunshine – MonkeyRat

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Producer catalog: HJF204
Production year: 2012
Tracks: 9

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  1. Sunshine
  2. Can U Feel Da Funk
  3. Free 2B Free
  4. Amsterdam (feat. Jasmin, roWan)
  5. What – Did U Say This, But Oh U Really Meant – That?
  6. Chez MonkeyRat (feat. Ludvig)
  7. Dutch Courage
  8. Kindness
  9. Missing U (feat. roWan)

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Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).
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Composers and Authors

Anna Iachino


Arnold Ludvig



Anna Iachino

(vocals (except track 9), & claps)

Arnold Ludvig

(fretted and fretless basses, whistling, claps, vocals on tracks 2, 4, 6, and 8)

Alain Apaloo

(all guitars (except track 3))

Jens Stoklund

(all drums, claps)

Jasmin Malaika

(featured vocalist on track 4 & backup vocals on track 8)

Róin Siggertsson

(vocals on track 9, featured vocalist on track 4, & backup vocals on track 8)

Johan Jørgensen

(guitar on tracks 1 & 3)


Arnold Ludvig


Anna Iachino


Louise Nipper

(Recorded and mixed)

Lehnart Kjeldsen


Janus Kampmann

(graphic artwork)

Ruben Lisboa


Olaf Ludvig

(Executive producer)

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