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Lea Kampmann

Lea Kampmann

Lea was born in 1997 in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, and moved to Denmark at the age of five, where she grew up in Copenhagen. As a child she wrote songs for her friends and her to sing. These songs kept dumping into her head throughout her childhood, becoming the key to her love for songwriting today. Today you most likely would see Lea walking down the streets of composing her next song into her iPhone memo app.

,,I hope that I can make people feel less alone with their feelings, by showing them that feelings of loneliness, insecurity, anxiety, heartache etc. are feelings we all share, and I’d like to try and break the illusion that vulnerable means weak.”

In October 2017 Lea Kampmann released her debut EP, Common Blue, and one year later, she received the ‘Artist of the Year’-award at the Faroese Music Awards 2018.

In May 2020 Lea released ‘Higher’, the first single from her debut full length album, If I ever made you cry, I’m sorry. The full album will be released in February 2022.