nú eru vit tvey fólk – Dania O. Tausen

Producer catalogue: HJF641d
Production year: 2023
Tracks: 1


About nú eru vit tvey fólk

“For this one writing session, I brought one sad and one happy poem and told the guys that I wanted to make songs out of both. One happy and one sad song. This is the sad one.” Dania says about her single “nú eru vit tvey fólk” (meaning: “now we’re two individuals”) which is the first single of her second EP “nei (pt. 1)”, the B-side of her next album “ja/nei – og restin av vikuni”.

“The lyrics came out of a terrifying thought I had one day. I caught myself doing some toxic thinking. I was imagining that my partner was intentionally trying to get rid of me by being busy all the time. We are both very busy people, so we don’t always see each other that much. With many things happening throughout our days, it’s crucial to catch up every night. If we don’t ask each other how it’s going regularly, we’ll lose each other in streams of unconsciousness and weird headspaces where we pretend we’re alone and don’t have anything to share. Lack of communication causes people to forget why they’re together and can make them start romanticizing other realities where they’re alone, or with other people.”

Now we’re two individuals is an honest song that demanded a lot of courage for me to put into words and share with others. I hope it can help people admit these private thoughts and say them out loud. It might save them a lot of trouble even though it’s not easy.”

Released on the following formats
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on with this link: https://bfan.link/nu-eru-vit-tvey-folk

Watch the music video here:

Music video credits:
Dancers, choreographers: Rannvá G. Niclassen & Vár B. Árting Lights
Colorgrading: Brandur Teitsson
Camera: Petur Sigurð í Króki Director: Dania O. Tausen
Help & Extras: Marjun Drós Tausen Poulsen, Ragnar Finsson, Trygvi Danielsen, Flóvin Jógvansson, Rói Dam

nú eru vit tvey fólk

Words: Dania O. Tausen
Music: Dania O. Tausen, Ragnar Finsson

eg haldi tú venur teg av við meg
fyllir dagin uttan meg
eg geri tað sama

eg royni at klára meg uttan teg
so longsul ikki rakar meg
livi lívið skjótari

nú eru vit tvey fólk
sum ikki vita hvussu hin hevur tað

eg haldi tú sært hvat er úti har
og svarar øllum uttan mær
eg geri tað sama

og venji meg við tankan uttan teg
har onki minnir teg um meg
livi lívið skjótari

nú eru vit tvey fólk
sum ikki spyrja
hvussu hin hevur tað

og uttanfyri rútin
nærkast øll vit ikki hava mött

men tey eru eisini fólk
sum kunnu gloyma
hvussu tú hevur tað


Composers and Authors

Dania O. Tausen

(author, composer)

Ragnar Finsson

(author, composer)


Benjamin D. Djurhuus

(bass, organ, choir)

Ragnar Finsson

(vocals, guitars, banjo, choir)

Stine B. Djuve



Ragnar Finsson


Dania O. Tausen

(production, cover)

Finnur Hansen


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