gonguteigatúnatos – Dania O. Tausen

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Producer catalogue: HJF551
Production year: 2021
Tracks: 9


About gonguteigatúnatos

‘gonguteigatúnatos’ (meaning: ‘crosswalktalks’) is the title of Dania O. Tausen’s debut album. This green colored vinyl record is filled with light and chill music that focuses on the every day ordinary things where miracles surely do happen if you just take some time to reflect and look for them in the little things. The album is produced by Dania’s 20 year old cousin, Benjamin D. Djurhuus, who is also a multi instrumentalist.

“We are very happy with the album. We were inspired by bands like: Phoebe Bridgers, Adrienne Lenker (Big Thief), Mac DeMarco and of course Faroese artists like Teitur, Tweed & Hyenas and Kári P. I love writing in Faroese so this album was deticated to that purpose: expressing myself in my mothertongue. I believe that being specific with the most ordinary things, can transform the value of the ordinary to something slightly extraordinary, if you let it. After releasing ‘Skál’ (poetry book and documentary) this album is fresh air to me. Songs that do not involve any direct religious messages or any kind of critisms either. Just songs that want to be allowed to live their own lives in the world where the little things matter and the big questions are allowed to stay unanswered.”, Dania says.

The sound of ‘gonguteigatúnatos” is experimenting with a range of genres, but mostly it is grounded in singer songwriter style. With hints of jazz and lo-fi elements, ‘gonguteigatúnatos’ manages to get alternatively interesting for the detail searching ear. Lyrically and melodically, Dania is going into depths of both complicated and simple emotions. She wants the songs to be easy listening, soothing, yet challenging while analyzing feelings in abstract yet specific sentences.


  1. alt annað enn vanligt // everything but ordinary
  2. vit eru tað // that’s what we are
  3. oyðilekjandi // damaging healing
  4. kólnað kaffi // cold coffee
  5. flytifuglurin (feat. Jóhan Tausen) // the migratory bird
  6. flugubein // flyleg-checkmarks
  7. tornarunnir tankar // thorn-run-thoughts
  8. eygnaregn // eye-rain
  9. hvørt hús fram við vegnum // every house along the street

Released on the following formats
As CD, LP and digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on with this link: gonguteigatúnatos

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Composers and Authors

Dania O. Tausen

(author & composer)

Jóhan Tausen

(author & composer on tracks 5)

Benjamin D. Djurhuus

(composer on tracks 2, 3, 4, 6)

Magnus Johannesen

(composer on track 7)


Benjamin D. Djurhuus

(all instruments except drums)

Fríði Bjarkhamar

(drums on tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 7)

Regin A. Jensen

(backing vocals on track 4)

Teitur Isaksen

(drums on track 4)

Jóhan Tausen

(vocals on track 5)


Benjamin D. Djurhuus

(production & mix)

Hans Poulsen


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