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Í kulda sól – Andras Atlason


“Í kulda sól” (“Under the Cold Sun”) is a musical setting of H. A. Djurhuus’ poem “Roald Amundsen”, named after the distinguished historical personality often referred to as Scandinavia’s “last viking”. The short poem reflects upon the boldness and singularity of the Norwegian explorer in his eagerness to embrace the earth, arms streching to its poles north and south. A symbol of true grit and stoic attitude, his mental and physical strength brought his name to the history books while ultimately costing his life. “Í kulda sól” is a hymn written in his memory, less as a glorifying celebration of his legacy than as an attempt to portray the complex shades, the dramatic colours and the existential weight of a life lived under the all-encompassing, smoldering cold sun as it kisses the ends of the earth.

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