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Við ótta og bivan – Andras Atlason

Producer catalogue: FKT080g
Production year: 2023
Tracks: 1

Release date: 20. July 2023


About Við ótta og bivan

Við ótta og bivan (“With fear and trembling”) and Uníssono (“Unison”) form a pair of songs Brazilian-Faroese composer Andras Atlason offers to the world in 2023. In a shift from his 2022 record Atlantis, these two singles manifest the most personal his music has ever gotten. They sing from the heart about the joys and the sorrows of one’s search for connection with God, with oneself and with others. They sing about doubting in faith, about trembling in duty and, lastly, about the hope for ultimate redemptive harmony through the plain exercise of Love. Both single covers are digital re-readings of The Dove, No. 1, a painting by Swedish artist and mystic Hilma af Klint.

Released on the following formats
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on with this link: https://bfan.link/vid-otta-og-bivan


Við ótta og bivan

Words: Andras Atlason
Music: Andras Atlason

Við ótta og bivan


Líðandi minka vit burtur

Til hjartans lastir


Tigandi tola vit stormin

Vit biðja og bíða


Vit halda fram
Vit halda á


Still og burtur frá

Stjørnan vísir á

Mítt lagnukall

Ímoti vindinum


Eg orki ikki meir

Eg vil sigla heim

Og boða frá

Mínum kalli


Sum eitt tám

Fyri mínum eygum

Sveimar ein vónarsjón

Av ótta og bivan


Hetta támið

Brennur míni eygu

Eg styrki mína vónarsjón

Við ótta og bivan


Eg styrki mína vónarsjón



With fear and trembling

We gradually shrink away

To the burdens of the heart


We silently endure the storm

We pray and wait


We go on

We hold fast


Calm and from afar

The star indicates

My destiny’s calling



I can’t take it anymore

I want to sail home

And announce

My calling


Like a haze

Before my eyes

Roams an illusion

Of fear and trembling


This haze

Burns my eyes

I invigorate my illusion

With fear and trembling


I invigorate my illusion





Composers and Authors

Andras Atlason

(Composer, Author)


Andras Atlason

(Vocal, Bass, Piano, Synth)

Xuxa Ramos



Andras Atlason

(Mix, Master)

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