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Dania O. Tausen is a young Faroese singer, songwriter, and poet, who loves to express herself in her mother tongue, Faroese. Her highly approached debut album, ‘gonguteigatúnatos’ (crosswalktalks) is unique and experimental with light, pleasant and intelligent music. Dania has an extraordinary natural lyrical talent and is strengthened by wonderful melodies and harmonies mastered by her intimate and soft voice. 

Since releasing her debut album (gonguteigatúnatos), a poetry book (SKÁL) taking part in a documentary (SKÁL) and finishing a bachelor degree in Creative Writing, Dania is now working on releasing her second album in collaboration with her producer and guitarist, Benjamin Djurhuus, as well as highly approached singer/songwriter Ragnar Finsson (also known as HORRSE). With talented female rhythm group, Elin Maria and Vár, on double bass and drums, they make a charming and charismatic band with light energy and beautiful harmonies.

Check out ‘gonguteigatúnatos’: https://backl.ink/146419329

For more info, products, SoMe: https://linktr.ee/daniaotausen

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