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Dania O. Tausen

Dania is a young Faroese singer, songwriter and poet who loves to express herself in her mother tongue, Faroese.

Working with her 20 year old cousin Benjamin D. Djurhuus at his home studio, they created their own sound for a whole album. Dania found her own new way of interpreting her world with a new songwriting style by turning down her strong vocals to a relaxing level with the main focus on her lyrics.

Their highly approached debut album, gonguteigatúnatos (crosswalktalks), is unique and experimental with extremely light, pleasant and intelligent music. Dania has an extraordinary, natural lyrical talent and is strengthened by wonderful melodies and harmonies mastered by her intimate and soft voice. 

Dania has been nominated for several Faroese Music Awards 2019 and 2020, but is not only locally acknowledged. Dania was to play at Iceland Airwaves 2021 which unfortunately was cancelled. But despite the difficulties of travelling this past year, Dania managed to play her music at SunsEurope in Italy. 

In addition to the release of her album, a documentary was released in 2021 about Dania’s life and the process of the release of her debut poetry collection, Skál (Cheers), which gained a lot of attention. The documentary won the Audience Award at CPH:DOX, The Nordic Voice Award at Nordic Panorama and the Golden Hugo Award at Chicago Film Festival. With the release of the documentary appeared a lot of opportunities for Dania to travel and connect with people all over the world. She has been performing her music at several of the screenings of SKÁL, for example in Denmark, Iceland and Israel. 

Getting her BA in Creative Writings next year, Dania is very excited to share more music and poetry collections with the world and hopes to get to play a lot of concerts.

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