Tú ert – Knút

Producer catalog: HJF544d
Production year: 2023
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About Tú ert

June 1st 2023 sees the release of a new single from Knút, who goes by his surname Knút as a solo artist. Knút wrote the music to the poem ‘Tú ert’ (‘You are’) by Regin Dahl (1918-2007).

‘Tú ert’ will feature on Knút’s upcoming fourth album to be released on Tutl later this year. Previously, three singles have been released from the upcoming album. The singles in question are ‘Villiniborg’, ‘Himnafar’ and ‘Ogn’. The last one mentioned also features music set to poetry by Regin Dahl (from the collection Óttukvæði released in 1955).

Knút sings and performs guitar and has recorded the music for ‘Tú ert’ with Torleik Mortensen (bass), Per Ingvaldur Højgaard Petersen (drums) and Mattias Kapnas (keys). Jón Festirstein also performs strings on the track. Knút produced, Benjamin Petersen co-produced, Benjamin og Per Ingvaldur mixed and Daniel Bagicalupi mastered in Infrasonic Sound in Nashville, Tennessee.

The poem ‘Tú ert’ was originally published in the love poetry collection Tokkaljóð from 1944. Tokkaljóð was the first poetry collection in Faroese to exclusively feature love poems. Regin Dahl has noted that very few people paid attention to this at the time of release. A possible reason was that when the first ship arrived in the Faroes carrying the poetry collection in question, the package with the collections fell into the ocean while the ship was arriving in the harbour. There are very few copies of this book to be found in the Faroe Islands. Knút H. Eysturstein wrote a book about Regin Dahl: Heimurin, ið hvarv – útlagna sangtónaskaldið Regin Dahl og føroyska tjóðin (Sprotin, 2019) – and he was also lucky enough to find a copy of the poetry collection Tokkaljóð. Where in the exquisite poem ‘Tú ert’ grabbed his attention at the level of him writing music for it. And now it’s out there for all to enjoy.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out with this link: https://bfan.link/tu-ert

Tú ert

Words: Regin Dahl (Tokkaljóð, 1944)
Music: Knút Háberg Eysturstein

Tú ert skær sum ódroymdur dreymur,
tú ert væn sum tóni á nátt,
ið sprettir úr loyndum djúpum
og hvørvur á vitsins gátt

Tú ert ljúv sum leiftran av fípum
í dimming við sólarsig,
tá ið stakkalastjørnan rísur
og lýsir teim heimleysu frið

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