Vit sótu við havið – Knút

Producer catalog: HJF544e
Production year: 2023
Tracks: 1


About Vit sótu við havið

‘Vit sótu við havið’ (‘We Were Sat By The Sea’) is the fifth and final single from Knút’s upcoming fourth album, Hjartasláttur. The song is written by Knút and is one of the more recent songs to be written for the new album. The title is a reference to Knút’s 2009 song ‘Sitting By The Sea’ from Knút’s album The Desert Holds A Flower (Tutl, 2009). The lyrics for ‘Vit sótu við havið’ deal with different impressions of the ocean which is a constant presence in the Faroe Islands in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean. In this island society everyone has relatively easy access to the seaside and in most places there is a view of the open ocean where that ever-alluring and age-old phenomenon, the horizon, is almost always visible. Except when fog and mist engulf the islands, which often happens, but few things instigate curiosity and longing as much as a view of the horizon. The ocean is ancient and endless and a source of mythology in many parts of the world, including the Faroe Islands. The ocean can be calm and stately but it can also be a source of untamed tempestuous rage. On stormy days and nights it feels as if the ocean and the heavens become one and you’re lost amid mighty cosmic forces. On days with dead calm you are engulfed in a stillness as old as the universe. Worth keeping in mind in late-modern life. Remember to look out the window every now and then and see if you can spot the horizon.

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Vit sótu við havið

Words & music: Knút Háberg Eysturstein

vit sótu við havið og stardu
úr máttugum morgni ein slavin vón
úr sjóvarilsku
hin aldraða sjón

á ókomnum degi eitt ósagt orð
tá skuggarnir flýddu og alt var nýtt
í sjónarringi
eitt skelvandi sjóð

í ævinleikans ró
á bláu tíðarnátt
í saltari sælu
vit kendu at tað var gott

vit sótu í stovu og bíndu
tá himmal og hav tey ýldu
úr gráum sirmi
hin aldraða sjón

í ævinleikans ró
á bláu tíðarnátt
í saltari sælu
vit kendu at tað var gott

vit sótu við havið og stardu
úr degningi reis ein andi
í miklum meldri
hin aldraða sól


Composers and Authors

Knút Háberg Eysturstein

(author & composer & arrangement)

Torleik Mortensen



Jón Festirstein

(violin & viola)

Knút Háberg Eysturstein

(vocal & acoustic guitar & electric guitar)

Mattias Dimitris Kapnas

(piano & synthesizer)


Benjamin Petersen

(co-production & recording)


Uni Árting

(cover design)

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