About Villiniborg

Lead single ‘Villiniborg’ was the last song to be written for the upcoming album. After finishing songwriting Knút took stock of the song selection;

“I had all these songs on paper in front of me and spread them out on a table. Sitting there looking at the pieces of paper I realised there was a piece missing in the puzzle. An uplifting tune to balance out the others which could also be the lead single. It became this song, ‘Villiniborg’ which means “labyrinth” or “maze” in Faroese. The germ of this tune came to me many years ago but the lyrics came fast. Its amazing to think that this idea that has been in the back of my mind for so long became the last piece of my upcoming album. Kind of a cathartic feeling. Sometimes you just need the right context for an idea to properly materialise.

It can take a long time to find the right words and know what you want to say. In today’s digital and hypervisual world it is easy to forget how the unseen, the unheard and the unconscious is enmeshed in the human condition. Everyone is on a journey, but in the end we all journey on our own. These are some of the things this song deals with. As well as other things, but they’re best understood by listening.”

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.


Knút Háberg Eysturstein: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Mattias Dimitris Kapnas: piano, synthesizer
Svend Torleik Mortensen: bass
Per Ingvaldur Højgaard Petersen: drums, percussion
Dorthea Højgaard Dam, Óluva Dam Ísheim, Jensia Højgaard Kjærbæk, Ingrid Højgaard Petersen, Jóhanna Sofía Petersen: backing vocals

Words and music: Knút Háberg Eysturstein.
Producer: Knút Háberg Eysturstein.
Co-producer: Benjamin Petersen.
Arranged by: Knút Háberg Eysturstein, Mattias Dimitris Kapnas, Svend Torleik Mortensen and Per Ingvaldur Højgaard Petersen.
Backing vocals arranged by Dorthea Højgaard Dam, Óluva Dam Ísheim, Jensia Højgaard Kjærbæk, Ingrid Højgaard Petersen, Jóhanna Sofía Petersen, Knút Háberg Eysturstein, Benjamin Petersen and Per Ingvaldur Højgaard Petersen.

Recorded by Benjamin Petersen in Rúm 43, Hoydalar march-april-may 2021.
Mixed by Benjamin Petersen and Per Ingvaldur Højgaard Petersen, Rúm 43, Hoydalar and Stökumörk, Innan Glyvur may-june 2021.
Mastered by Daniel Bacigalupi, Infrasonic Sound, Nashville í juni 2021.
Cover photo: Bruno Mikael Eysturstein.
Handwriting: Knút.
Cover design: Uni Árting.