She’s an Animal – Elvito

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Production year: 2020
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About She’s an Animal

“She’s an animal” by Elvito brings you in a nostalgic summer mood. It fills you up with that warm feeling, you are longing for, in these cold times. The slow-calypso rhythm and vibey synth create a groovy foundation for the song, while the jazzy saxophone and crisp vocals bring a new experimental and unheard sound to it. It’s a calling for nature from the north, with a tropical and zen-like mindset.

It is the collaboration between two northern Scandinavian guys making tropical chill-out music, and it is quite unheard, but still is not in any way try-hard. They do it in an original manner.

In “She’s an animal” they take the chance, to reflect upon how the ego can take over within the relation of people, and the negative side effects it can bring. Elvito produce a nice and comforting sound which is present in all of their songs, and in everything they do. Their mysterious ways to go about things is different, and sensitive. No rushing, and no pushing. They try not to get engaged in routines and patterns but are more interested in making an organic and human sound. Instead of getting stuck with who is playing what instrument, and what the roles and rules are in a band, they focus on the vibe. And this is most definitely present in “She’s an animal”.

Money and ego are on the agenda and this even goes for the leaders of the world, which is what “She’s an animal” copes with. The creation of the song has been a long and thorough process, with a lot of various sketches, before they found the sound. It was indeed with the help of the saxophonist Theis Bror from Analogik that the song rised to another level. The final production of the song was made in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands in Studio Bunkarin, together with Mikael Blak and Per I. Højgaard Petersen, and this wrapped it all up to become a hit single. Benjamin Petersen mixed the song and Fred Ruddick mastered the song. The visual part of releasing the song was made by Adriana Gurumeta from Madrid, Spain.

Big B and Bordoy are the two guys writing the music for Elvito. They located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and are a studio recording- and production duo working on their second album.

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Composers and Authors

Bastian Lahn Petersen

(composer, author)



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