Slip Away – Elvito

About slip away

Elvito are an electro-alternative indie duo from Denmark whose psychedelic grooves and chill dub sounds test boundaries and challenge convention in a raw blend of obscure synths and jangly guitars.

“Well-produced synth based music for fans who grew up with Bob Marley, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan” – Faroese National Radio

The 29-year old multi-instrumentalists, ​​Bastian Lahn Petersen and Rasmus á Fríðriksmørk Borðoy, have been playing music together since they were children in a music school. In 2017, Elvito’s first debut album was released, titled ‘Adapt to Land’, receiving a lot of attention by Faroese National Radio, the Danish university radio ‘Uniradioen’, and led them to touring with Silvurdrongur. In 2020, their singles “She´s an Animal” and “Chauffeur” marked a turning point in the development of their musical ideology of mixing 70’s reggae vibes with surf-rock experimentation and ambient synths.

‘Elvito’, or, ‘dancing mania’, the groove that overcomes you and causes inevitable dancing, connects the dots between Gorillaz, The Doors and Frank Ocean in an charmingly oddball soundscape of mysterious laid-back ambience.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out with this link: