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About Chauffeur

Elvito’s new single “Chauffeur” is a 70’s sound meetup with a bass driven groove, and atmospheric layers, making you want to dance. Elvito combines old 70’s and 80’s sounds with modern day vibes. Wah-wah guitar, Juno synths, octave bass-guitar, electronic and acoustic drum sounds and vocals reminiscent of Ariel Pink. Those are the perfect ingredients for this banger.

Elvitos lyrics reflects on existentialistic experiences in the modern 20’s, such as how peace and social living have left the discourse of the public. The song was written one fine evening in March, where Bastian and Rasmus were celebrating their birthdays. It was a spontaneous jam that took off, and had them working for months, to get the Elvito sound just right. After finishing the songwriting, they were able to have the producer and artist Benjamin Petersen (Son of Fortune) help them produce and record the song, and in his studio in Copenhagen Elvito managed to make a real ear and body pleaser. Singer, Silja Samuelsen and drummer, Jan Rúni guest appear on the track “Chauffeur” and make the piece really come to life. The artwork for the song was created by Jónsvein Mikkelsen, who has a special artistic ability when it comes to portraying atmosphere. The artwork compliments the song “Chauffeur” like a convertible does a long stretch of miraging highway.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out with this link:


Composers and Authors


Bastian Lahn Petersen

(vocals, Guitar, Synth)

Jan Rúni Poulsen

(drums, percussion)


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