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Production year: 2023
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About Pelican

Pelican is the name of a café in Copenhagen, Denmark, that had to close just after coming out of the pandemic due to the landlords being non-cooperative. The song reflects the pandemic’s mood, but it also tells the story of falling in love during this time. Everyone was busy talking about the end of the world, but when you fall in love, you become blind towards these negativities. Bob Dylan inspired the song’s mood as the song has a laidback but raw sound.

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Words: Rasmus á Fríðriksmørk Borðoy, Bastian Lahn Petersen
Music: Rasmus á Fríðriksmørk Borðoy, Bastian Lahn Petersen

You do have a lot of gall
Too bad Anny can’t make a call
But Sir Penny makes it look so good
No one even told him that he should
Every chance you get, you start reading
On a good day, you do the leading
Down the streets in this part of town
Where you can get fishing gear and dvd’s at a discount

It’s too bad, the light changes so fast
Johanna makes me wish it would last

Outside everyone’s afraid
and the Pelican is looking to get paid
But the dreamers they went away
and now he’s working on his own every day
No one’s going to help him just because he needs it
If you do so, he’ll tell you to beat it
I see a lady walking in the city
I sure hope she won’t leave me

It’s too bad, the light changes so fast
Johanna makes me wish it would last

There’s a now there’s a then
In this room
When you frown,
You ask if it’s too soon
There a Swedish guy
Giving you his morning
But he’s from another time
When we were performing


Composers and Authors

Bastian Lahn Petersen

(composer, author)


Rasmus á Fríðriksmørk Borðoy

(Vocals, Synthesizer, Percussion, and Guitar)

Bastian Lahn Petersen

(Guitar, Bass, and Vocals)


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