Overs – Eyði Horsdal

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About Overs

Overs (14th of October) is the 3rd single of Eyði Horsdal’s much anticipated debut album, Songs with Eva (March 2023). An afternoon at home – writing poetry to coffee scent and rain – observing a relationship at an
end. Written in collaboration with talented young writer Eva Perrin Fontana (UK), singer-songwriter Eyði Horsdal (FO) presents us with a heartfelt closeness and optimism while promising more to come in the Songs with Eva universe.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out by using this link: https://bfan.link/overs


Words: Eva Perrin Fontana
Music: Eyði Horsdal

Mid-afternoon at your house
I’ve been writing poems to the rain
You just came up for a cup of coffee
Then went back downstairs

We spent the evening ‘round a table,
And spent the night down on a couch
Things were shared and left unsaid
But there’s nothing to do now.

You leave to work in a hurry
Put your socks on sitting on the bed
Pack your bag, take your coat from the chair
The unsaids still downstairs

I sit back down at your table
Look through the window to the grass
Yesterday’s poems soaked in yesterday’s rain
I guess things will stay the same…

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