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Eyði Horsdal

About Songs with Eva

Songs with Eva is Eyði Horsdal’s debut album.

Through poetry of talented young writer Eva Perrin Fontana, Eyði Horsdal invites us into a charmingly comforting space with a surprising depth that makes the 16-track album worth many a re-listening.

Songs with Eva is a coherent collection of immediate and intuitive songs with a human and hand-played quality – with immersive and captivating recordings capturing live moments in a room – in the countryside – with the windows open – bringing drama to the simple songs.

Written in collaboration with talented young writer Eva Perrin Fontana (UK), singer-songwriter Eyði Horsdal (FO) presents us with a heartfelt closeness and optimism while promising more to come in the Songs with Eva universe.

1     It Seems To Be You Again
2    Old Friends
3    Overs
4    Foolish Blue
5    In a Sea of Women
6    I Think I’ve Chosen to Work with You
7    How I Awoke
8    Ride Home
9    The Train Station
10  I’d Read Books To You Out Loud
11  In Silence Somewhere
12 Shards
13  Only an Hour
14  That Broken Fragment of Me (Voice Memo)
15  Sgt. Pepper
16  The Best People in Life (Voice Memo)

Released on the following formats
As vinyl record (limited edition very high quality 180g vinyl records cut by Josh Bonati and pressed by Gotta Groove Records and digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out by using this link: https://bfan.link/songs-with-eva-2