In Silence Somewhere – Eyði Horsdal

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About In Silence Somewhere

About a mother having a stroke and her daughter still having to live. About a moment of silence and clarity engulfed in nature and a wonder. About the seasons, being alive, and the passing of time. The springs and falls, and the meaning of it all.
Eyði Horsdal’s upcoming single will be released on Friday the 3rd of February. Leading up to his much anticipated debut album, Songs with Eva (March 2023).

Written in collaboration with talented young writer Eva Perrin Fontana (UK), singer-songwriter Eyði Horsdal (FO) presents us with a heartfelt closeness and optimism while promising more to come in the Songs with Eva universe.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out by using this link:

In Silence Somewhere

Words: Eva Perrin Fontana
Music: Eyði Horsdal

The rain tinkers and falls
The smell of damp oak
The space to breath
Rich, soggy moss beneath bare feet
Wood worms, song birds, poetry.

Seduced by the summer
The gold marks your shoulders,
The clouds your wings
You shake yourself loose and follow your limbs
Shameless, carnal, blossoming.

But across that lake
Half a face
Under the winter’s cold grip
Is twisted in place
‘’I’m only getting older!’’
But the ice doesn’t break
Submerged and solid
Half of you stays

You scramble and build a bridge,
Waiting for the waters to wane
From those thin bits of timber
Your mind puts it together

It is not the summer’s breath
Or the winter’s sharp knife
That make or break a life
In fact, what it means to be free

Is to flow with the seasons
That pass inbetween.




Eyði Horsdal

(Vocals and guitar)

Albert Paweł Karch

(Drums and percussion)

Luca Curcio

(Bass and guitar)

Oda Dyrnes



Eyði Horsdal


Eva Perrin Fontana


Luca Curcio


Pape Arce


D. James Goodwin

(Mix and mastering)

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