Stanley No. 8 – Stanley Samuelsen

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Producer catalog: SHD184
Production year: 2019
Tracks: 12


About Stanley No. 8

Melodious faroese songs accompanied by finger style guitar playing. As in the seven other solo albums of Stanley, the style is nordic americana, and the common element is the acoustic guitarplaying and singing of Stanley. The songs are Faroese, and the album booklet contains all the Faroese lyrics and their English translations.

It is a diversified album where quiet ballads and love songs mix with more rhythmical songs with drums and electric guitars. All of the music is composed by Stanley. The lyrics are written by Stanley Samuelsen, Janus and Hans Andreas Djurhuus, Louis Zachariasen, Regin Dahl and Obert Eliasen. They are personal poems with memories from Stanley’s life in the Faroese Islands as well as in Denmark, where he has lived since he was 19 years old.

Stanley has this to say about his own journey:

“Even as a boy I felt a longing to leave and see what was happening behind the mountains surrounding my home town, and once I tried to sneak aboard the boat going to Tórshavn. I wanted so much to go. I was the youngest of 12 siblings, and for a long time I was the last one left. I knew every mountain, as my cousin Jacob, who was a shepherd, taught me about them ever since I was a little boy. I spent many hours in nature and often I wandered alone in the mountains and sat by the roaring waterfall in the valley between the huge mountains.

As a young man and a newcomer in Denmark I met Knud. We spent a lot of time together and he came with me to the Faroe Islands. Our friendship meant a lot to my personal development. His death, at a very young age, was a tremendous loss.

I wrote a song to commemorate my dear sister Randi who died during a mountain trip to Fuglefjord in 1995. A short time before this she visited me and my family in Denmark. As I saw her off at the airport, she waved at me from the stairs, and I could see her saying something, but I couldn’t hear it.

I have played many concerts with my Faroese songs around the world. Lately in the US as well. Music really bridges languages, culture and age.”

Stanley has produced this album in his own studio and plays all instruments except for the drums – they are played by Stanley’s good friend and steady band partner through 40 years, the late Gert Smedegaard.


1. Vónloysi
2. Í mánalýsi
3. Áin
4. Ódn
5. Pilturin
6. Undir fossinum
7. Sama stað
8. Heimferð
9. Mortítlingurin
10. Til tín
11. Hvar enn
12. Takk fyri

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