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Danish-Korean band Meejah is releasing their album Queen of Spring.

It is a concept album written over the 8 trigrams in Korean taoism: Heaven ☰ Thunder ☳ Mountain ☶ Earth ☷ Wind ☴ Fire ☲ Water ☵ Lake ☱

Queen of Spring explores transnational identity, new Western Asian narratives, allyship, female heritage, mythology, ancestry, loss and reunification. It fables over historical movements & cultural exchanges between East & West. Nordic Malancholia and Korean philosophy. The album is recorded in BlipBlop Studio in Roskilde, Denmark. Final mixes by Rune Borup, Jens Ladekarl Thomsen, Lille Høg (Bjarke Bech) and Magnus Lingberg. Master by Magnus Lindberg in VRTKLStudio in Stockholm. Meejah is Daniel Nayberg, Andreas Isbrandt Løvenskjold and Mai Young Øvlisen. The band takes influences from experimental, post-rock, post-metal, ambient, ethereal noise, gritty hiphop, tibetan singing bowls, Korean pansori singing and shoegaze. Meejah has returned to the Faroe Islands again and again out of love for the Faroese alternative music scene. Queen of Spring is voted Best Release of 2021 by the readers of Korean Indie, and the band is nominated for the Danish Music Critics Award: Steppeulven 2022, in the category: “Hope of the Year” and is set for the nomination “Best Rock Album of the Year” by Danish music magazine Gaffa.

Long time friend, Faroese artist Frostfelt is featured on the duet Kwan Yin (Water ☵)

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