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“Run to Fire” (Radio Edit) is the second single from indie rock band Fremmand’s album WRONG and it features a true guitar legend!

“Run To Fire” is about being true to yourself when you face challenges and not being afraid to face them and eventually bounce back stronger when on the side.
The song has been made in collaboration with guitarist Carlos Alomar, who served as David Bowie’s Music Director and guitarist for many years. With his distinct guitar sound he undoubtedly played a huge part in making the late ’70s such a memorable era for the British legend. And that distinctive guitar sound is exactly what comes back to live on “Run To Fire”.
On the single Alomar’s characteristic playing adds a breathtaking melancholy and also urban vibe to the song. Another notable feature on the song is the now 80-year-old saxophonist Henrik Jespersen. With his uncompromising playing style he completes the circle and brings to mind Bowie’s fabled Berlin records.
The charismatic lead singer Jana Hjalgrimsdóttir, whose personality burns brightly both on stage and on vinyl, stands in the forefront of Fremmand and gets her creative backing from drummer and producer Tobias Weltzer, guitarist Sigmund Zachariassen and bassist Tinna Tótudóttir.
Similar to the self-titled debut album from 2018, the quartet explore the tension between dreams and desperation in a soundscape that relentlessly draws a line to the spherical early Goth and Post Punk scene, while the end result is solidly planted in the present and stretches hands forward.

“Their independent approach to Post Punk and Dark Wave feels like a boat trip on high water, but in slow motion. ”Wrong” is honest, gloomy and yet romantic.”

“The band deserves the attention of all fans of cold gothic and melancholic post-punk and the album ’Wrong’ has every chance to become a classic of these genres in the future.”
-Indie Dock Music Blog

“Fremmand goes from a fully detailed to slightly minimal performance in a matter of seconds, but the music sounds equally delightful in both cases. No matter if we’re talking about synth-infused themes, vividly hearable baselines, ear-slapping drumming performance, notable guitar licks, and outstanding female lead vocals, Fremmand showcases exceptional quality with series of precise sonic articulations.”
-Thoughts Words Action

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